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Online Legal Forms: Wills and Trusts

Find free templates to create your estate planning documents here.

Create your estate planning documents by selecting the free forms that are listed here. This can save you thousands of dollars and time. If you have any questions, consult Attorney Edward Paul Reyes. Moreover, if you have your own version of a document, Mr. Reyes is also available to discuss your document. 

Professional Forms

These documents are valid in California and are professionally written. There may be several options of one type of document. Choose one that best suits your preference. Disclaimer: Forms are provided “as is.” The Paul Reyes Law Firm does not does make any guarantees nor is an “attorney-client privilege” established by the use of these forms. They are for informational purposes only. Consult an attorney before using them. This law firm can be consulted for such purposes. Last, no legal advice is created by the use of these documents. 

Last Will & Testament Version 1.

Word Version of Will 1.

PDF Version of Will 1


Last Will & Testament Version 2.

Will 2 (State Bar of California Version)

Link to the State Bar of California.


Living Trust.

Word Version of the Living Trust.

PDF Version of the Living Trust.  

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